UNIQUE RinseAway Basting Tape - 8mm x 10m (¼" x 11yd)

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Multi-purpose temporary 2-way tape for home sewing, craft and embroidery! Transparent; disappears after washing. Will not gum up your needle when sewn through. Use for: basting, binding and hemming, stabilizing stretch and slippery fabrics, matching plaids. Holds trims and appliqués in place while stitching.

Cynthia - Sales associate, Fredericton, NB

"This product is great for doing hems especially on knits and rounded hems. It holds material in place until sewn, then washes out with ease. Doesn't gum up needle. I have used this product for years and wouldn't work without it. I use it on all my projects. It's amazing, give it a try! It makes hemming so much easier and you can reposition it if need be."

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