Sunguard UVR Thread 224Q (B92) 8oz Black


$57.89 / each

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UVR Bonded Polyester Thread (B92) color matched to Sunbrella and OEM vinyl's. Shading (Awning / Gazebo / Umbrella), Outdoor, Boat Tops

Non-Wicking: Sunguard will not absorb water or swell., The B92 Sunguard Thread has approximately 2300 yards (2100 m) per 8oz spool and approximately 4600 yard (4200M) per 16 oz spool., The B92 Sunguard thread is a 4 Ply twisted UVR Bonded Polyester, Bobbins available in Black and White in Type "G" & "M". Type "G"- White Part # 922011, Black Part # 922241. Type "M"- White Part # 922012, Black Part # 922242.

Made in United States