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Neoprene Fabric Sheets - 9006 Graphite

$139.99 / sheet
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Thanks to its durability, UV resistance and flexibility this synthetic foam rubber sheet can be used for a wide variety of use such as wetsuits, drysuits, athletic supports and braces, sleeves for the insulation of beverage containers or even the protection electronic devices (laptops, tablettes, etc.). These sheets can also be cut down for added padding in shoes or as mousepads.

This material is stretch resistant and durable enough to be worn for prolonged periods of time or during rigorous activity.Thickness: 2.5 mm

Tensile Strength: 7.0 kg

Tear Strength: 2kg

Water absorption by weight: 1%

Fabric Width: 51 x 83 inch (129.5 x 211 cm)

Fabric Care: Use clean water to wash or alcohol to brush. Line Dry / keep away from Chlorine

Contents: 10% Nylon 90% Neoprene Fabric Sheets - Fabric Sheets (polychloroprene )


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