MONT MARTE Fluoro Acrylic Paint Intro Set - 18ml each - 8pcs


$12.00 USD / pkg

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Mont Marte fluorescent paint is perfect for adding luminescent colours to your art and craft projects. This set features 8 bright colours in 18ml tubes that glow under black lights and have a smooth lustre on a range of surfaces such as canvas, card and wood. The smooth consistency and opaque finish of each fluorescent 18ml paint tube in this set offers a brilliant neon look. Create bright artworks and craft projects at home or school with the Mont Marte Fluro Acrylic Paint Intro Set. 8 bright neon colours in 18ml tubes (yellow, orange, red, magenta, pink, purple, blue, green). Smooth lustre on a range of surfaces and glows under black lights. Smooth consistency and opaque coverage plus quick drying. Suitable for art projects at home or school.

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