M7397 Misses' Gloves, Arm Warmers, Leg Warmers, Stockings and Boot Covers (size: One Size Only)


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Leg Warmers A. Stockings B. Boot Covers C, D: Designed to be worn with medium to high-heeled shoes. D: Partial elasticized casing for support. Arm Warmers E: Contrast upper and lower bands. Arm Warmers F: Finger elastic and contrast upper band. Fingerless Gloves G. Gloves H: Fold-over cuff. I: Flared cuff and purchased buttons. Gloves J: Opera-length. For two-way and four-way stretch knits only.

Fabrics: Four-Way Stretch: Spandex. Contrasts D, E, F: Two-Way Stretch: Metallic Spandex, Rubberized Spandex, Stretch Suede, Synthetic Leather. Interfacing: Craft Foam.

Designer: Yaya Han

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