HEATNBOND Lite Iron-On Adhesive Tape - 16mm x 13.7m (5/8" x 15yds)

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HeatnBond Lite is specially formulated for securing light to medium weight fabric pieces onto other fabric surfaces so that they may be machine or hand sewn. Ideal for attaching fabric appliqué, interfacing waistbands, cuffs and collars. This paper-backed adhesive is activated at a low temperature, making it the ideal adhesive for most fabrics. Use with: Lightweight fabrics and materials, sewing projects and machine appliqués.

Sabrina - Assistant Manager, St Bruno QC

"This product is versatile for several scenarios. It can be split into 4 categories:
- light + feather lite can be used to create an applique to be sewn afterwards
- ultrahold is not to be sewn, but used to create your own appliques
- stretch to preserve the fabric opriginal stretchiness and finally,
- vinyl is great to plasticize fabrics, to make them repellent and more resistant while keeping them flexible."

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