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HEATNBOND Non-Woven Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing - 50cm x .9m / 20" x 1 yd

$6.49 / each
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Backed by a dry adhesive film that is activated by heat, HeatnBond interfacing forms a no-sew bond three times stronger than other traditional fusible web without adding weight or stiffness. Choose medium weight as an all-purpose for medium or heavier fabrics. Use on; medium cotton, light denim, flannel, fleece, linen, light wool. Ideal for shirts, collars and button holes. With a low temperature and short pressing time, it allows for a wider range of materials to be bonded. There is no steam or pressing cloth needed, and it will not lift or pucker after washing. Machine washable, dry cleanable. 100% Polyester.



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