Gleener The Ultimate Fuzz Remover


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Save your wardrobe from unsightly pills, lint and pet hair with Gleener, the Ultimate Fuzz Remover
- 3 fabric-safe edges quickly and gently remove stubborn fuzz balls from natural and synthetic fibers including:
wool, cotton, cashmere, fleece, acrylic, rayon, polyester and more.
- 2-in-1 fabric care solution includes a handy lint brush to remove pet hair and lint from clothing and upholstery.
- Patented ergonomic design for ease of use.
- No batteries required so it's wallet and planet-friendly.
- Drawstring travel pouch and all 3 edges included.

Vita - Buyer for the Notions Department, Head Office

"It removes pills off your sweater without batteries and the blades never get dull - like magic!"

Marie-Eve - Drapery Manager, Montreal QC

"Gleener is awesome to remove pills on knits and hair from clothing or furniture! I have a dog and she sheds so much! Since I discovered this product, I use it every morning, no exception. I recommend Gleener to clients in-store regularly!"