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Dryer Dots Grey Heather - Pack of 3

$14.99 / pkg

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Eco-friendly fabric softener

Eco & Effective
Softens laundry, cuts drying time and reduces static.
Fragrance-Free & Hypoallergenic
Saves time, money & energy by 15-30%
Durable and re-usable, guaranteed to last over 1,000 loads

The eco & effective alternative to dryer sheets & liquid fabric softener
Gleener Dryer Dots eco-wool dryer balls naturally soften laundry, tame static and cut drying time - all without the use of environmentally harmful and health compromising chemicals. Toss into the dryer and run the cycle as usual. Use 3 dryer balls for small loads and 6 for medium to large loads.

UPC Code: 879809000319

Brand Name: Gleener

Made in Nepal


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