DMC #315 - Metallic Pearl Size 5 Skein - Gold

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A non-divisible, polyester metallic and viscose blended thread on a twisted skein. It combines the brilliance and texture of precious metal with the flexibility required for smooth, even stitching. This twisted thread is beautiful enough to stand on its own or can enhance other DMC Threads as a refining compliment or a sparkling accent to your embroidery. Best of all, it adapts well to a variety of needlework styles and stitches. Made in France. Ideal for accent stitching, needlepoint, cross stitch and holiday projects. Size 5, 27yd (25 m) skein. Wash by hand with a mild detergent in lukewarm water 40° C/104° F. Do not use bleach or chlorine. If necessary, press with a cool iron. Block or smooth work out on a flat surface and allow to air dry completely. Metallic Pearl may be dry cleaned using all standard solvents except tryclorethylene.

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