CLOVER - Pen Style Chaco Liner - White

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Pen Style Chaco Liners fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves. The fine point makes lines and marks more visible and is easy to use with a straight edge ruler. Easy white replacement refill available (#7847220).

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Colette - Assistant Manager, Sherbrooke QC

"This marking tool leaves a very fine line of powder, very precise, perfect for all kinds of marking, whether for sewing seams, hems, identifying the fabric side to use (back or face up), etc. The powder disappears in the wash."

Chantal - Fabricville Blogger

"The Chaco Liner has become my favorite tracing tool. I love it so much that I have it in two colors! It’s so easy to use. You simply remove the cap and roll away. There is a small tracing wheel at the tip of the liner, and as you roll it, it leaves a fine talc line. To remove the lines from your fabric, simply rub lightly with your fingers, and they are gone. The Chaco Liner Pen comes in 5 high-contrast colors such as white, yellow, blue, pink and silver. For your convenience, refill cartridges are also available."

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