Babyville Boutique Waterproof PUL Fabric Monkey Green 165cm (64 inches)

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Babyville Boutique waterproof, breathable PUL fabric.

A polyurethane laminated PUL is the perfect choice of fabric for diaper-making moms and all those choosing to make adorable, unique diaper covers and accessories. Fun and functional, PUL is also ideal for larger sewing and craft projects like picnic blankets, party and wedding tablecloths and chair covers. Don’t forget PUL is great for pet projects too! Rainwear, bedding and even crate covers... your pet will be dry and happy. Babyville’s PUL fabrics are a wonderful choice for special needs children and adults.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash PUL in warm water, but you can periodically use hot water for extra sanitation. Do not use fabric softeners or other additives (Bleach etc). After laundering, line dry or tumble dry your diapers on low heat setting.

Helpful Hints:
• Before starting your project, press the fabric side of the PUL with a steam iron no hotter than a cotton setting. Irons can be calibrated differently so it is always best to perform a test on a small portion of the PUL first. Make sure the hot iron does not touch the coated side. Use a cotton ironing board cover or place a press cloth or towel over a reflective cover. Evenly press all of the fabric, using plenty of steam but no starch or other addictives. Be sure to let your PUL cool completely before you begin your project.
• Make sure you pin in the seam allowance as much as possible. The fewer pin holes the better. After sewing your diaper, make sure you put it in a hot dryer for 20minutes. This will seal any holes made by the sewing machine needle or pins.
• When you cut PUL, make sure to use regular scissors or straight rotary cutting blades. PUL works best with clean straight cuts, so do not use pinking shears or decorative blades.
• Use good quality polyester thread for sewing seams and trim to deter “wicking” of moisture from diaper.

Contents: 83% Polyester / 15% Polyurethane / 2% agglutinant

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