LANOLINE - Interlock knit - White

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Lanoline is the natural "grease" or "wax" that originates from the natural secretion of the sebaceous glands of sheep. It's waterproofing property aids sheep in shedding water from their coats. Lanolin forms a breathable and protective film on the skin, and has been known since ancient times for its skin treating and smoothing properties which lasts for many hours. It is actually quite similar in nature to the oils produced by human skin and is used extensively in moisturizers and other skin-care products.  Lanolin helps keep interlock’s unique moisture handling capabilities intact, will help ensure that any lingering moisture will not lead to microbe or fungal growth, and will protect the fiber from degradation over time and repeated use.

Interlock’s inner layers attract water while its outer layers repel it, meaning interlock can get wet and still keep you insulated and feeling dry. This knit fabric is extra soft against the skin and is perfect to sew baby garments, tops, active wear, loungewear and more. Our Lanoline Interlock fabric is Oeko Tex 100 labelled.

Taking care of your lanoline interlock creation 

As it is a natural, self-regulating fibre, interlock does not actually need to be cleaned as frequently as other clothes. The best approach is to spot-clean stains wherever possible by gently blotting instead of rubbing. You can also air garments after wearing them, the lanolin goes to work removing bacteria and odours as the moisture evaporates away. Interlock is best washed by hand in lukewarm water with a lanolin-replenishing soap as it replenishes your interlock garmentwith the natural lanolin. You can also wash interlock in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle at 30 degrees. Make sure that the machine also rinses with 30 degree water. If the machine rinses in cold water, cotton interlock will shrink. You can centrifuge the fabric and after taking it out of the machine, shake it and put it to dry on a mild heat source. 

Fabric Width: 61 inch (155 cm)

Fabric Care: Hand wash

Contents: 95% cotton / 5% lycra

Made in Turkey
Weight: 13.12 OZ

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