HOBBS - Silk Batting - Tuscany 90/10 - Double


$74.99 / pkg

Silk Batting
•90% very fine imported silk filaments / 10% fine polyester
• Carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding and fiber migration.
• Supple, soft and drapes like no other batting. The luxurious feel is ideal for both quilts and garments. It also makes a superb filling material for embroidery.
•It quilts magnificently by hand or machine.
•Unlike other silk battings, it need not be handled with gloves or encased in cheesecloth.
• Silk has the natural ability to breath, making it an excellent choice for airy, lightweight quilts and coverlets. It provides excellent warmth with very little weight.
•Quilt up to 4in apart.

Use and care: No need to pre-wash. Hand wash in tepid water and lay flat to dry. 5% shrinkage.

Double size - 81 x 96" (205.7 x 243.8cm)