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HOBBS Cotton Batting - Heirloom 80/20 - Twin

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Cotton Batting

Why Cotton?
80% cotton / 20% polyester
• Heirloom cotton is made from 80% long stable cotton fibers and 20% polyester. The combinations of these fibers creates a strong, long wearing batt, and is very easy to work with.
• Hobbs Heirloom Cotton can be quilted as close as ¼" and as far as 3½" apart. Close quilting will be very flat, and more space between the quilting will give a slight amount of loft.

Use and Care:
• If used new, straight from the package, Heirloom Cotton can shrink up to 5%.
• To preshrink, fill the washer with tepid water. No detergent. Open the batting and gently immerse in water. Shut the washer off and soak for 5-10 minutes. Do not agitate. Spin to remove excess water. Dry batting on air or fluff cycle. Remove immediately.
• Use only very gentle detergent with no phosphorus.

Twin size - 72 x 90" (182.8 x 228.6cm)

UPC Code: 40086010760

Brand Name: Hobbs

Made in United States


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